Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops with dream analyst and author Jane Teresa Anderson

Thank you for your interest in engaging me to create, present, and facilitate a corporate seminar or workshop for you.

Seminars and workshops with dream analyst and author Jane Teresa Anderson

I create to suit your requirements. Popular corporate workshop and seminar formats include:


The Compass Games

The Compass Games: A playful workshop built around card games, designed to trigger creative innovative problem-solving.

“Jane Teresa’s ability to facilitate a workshop with sensitivity, creativity, and empathy is unparalleled.” 
~ Sara PazellManaging Director, Viva! Health At Work


Stop nightmares, bad dreams, broken sleep

A general approach suitable for anyone either suffering from nightmares or interested in the subject. Understanding nightmares and learning practical tools to ease and stop nightmares and encourage full, restorative, healthy sleep. These tools not only ease and stop nightmares but help address the underlying issues causing them.


Dream Alchemy tools for health professionals

Seminars and workshops for health professionals: Tools and techniques for health practitioners to use in conjunction with their own therapeutic methods with clients who remember their dreams. These dream analysis and dream alchemy (treatment) tools help health practitioners access and transform deeper unconscious reflections of their clients’ conditions.


Practical insight from recurring dreams

Almost everyone experiences recurring dreams or recurring dream themes from time to time. Such dreams usually reflect areas of our lives where we are blocked, conflicted, or unresolved. A creative and fun workshop resulting in deeper self insight and movement beyond previous blocks and limitations.


I design to suit your requirements

How can I help you? From lunchtime seminars to half and full day seminars and workshops, catering to all group sizes from small and intimate to full scale conferences. I am based in Brisbane, Australia.


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