One to One Consultations

One to One Consultations for corporate employees, with dream analyst and mentor Jane Teresa Anderson

Jane Teresa provides confidential one to one mentoring and dream consultation services, by phone or in person, for employees within the corporate environment, and especially for those suffering broken sleep and stress through nightmares and recurring bad dreams.

One to One Consultations for corporate employees, with dream analyst and mentor Jane Teresa Anderson


Mentoring packages

Personal development mentoring packages delivered one to one by phone on a weekly basis are a popular corporate choice. Commonly delivered during working hours, these confidential sessions assist individuals in managing stress, overcoming limiting thinking, facilitating working relationships, resolving personal or home issues that are creating anxiety and undermining performance at work, improving physical, mental, and emotional health,  releasing blocks, building creativity, and inspiring and motivating on all fronts. This opportunity to talk, share, and reflect in confidence on a regular basis assists at every level.


Dream consultations for those suffering broken sleep through nightmares

These one hour sessions, delivered confidentially by phone, are for those suffering broken sleep through nightmares, bad dreams, and stressful recurring dreams that result in tiredness, ongoing stress and anxiety, and potential under-performance at work.

During these consultations I help the person understand why they are having the dream and take them through a technique designed to ease and stop the bad or recurring dream and restore healthy restorative sleep. This process also helps the person address and resolve the underlying issues that have been reflecting in the dream. Personal development and insight accompany the practical results. Improved work performance is a natural flow on.

You are in safe, expert hands: I have been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist for 25 years. Read testimonials.


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