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Navigating changing times

“Global tidal wave of 70,000 job cuts,” announced the online news. “The tsunami of layoffs started in Europe …” Instantly I got the picture. It’s a metaphor that works. It describes a giant ripple effect of job loss caused by a seismic tremor in the global economy. It also describes the emotional impact felt or

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Dream interpretation: Theme alchemy

No, it’s not a drunken, lisped take on ‘dream alchemy’. It’s a way of reading across your dreams, instead of considering each dream individually. It helps you to find light when you need it most. Here’s an example from my life. It’s the story of three waves. Once upon a time, I had three dreams

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What if?

A man dreamed he was crawling over a mosaic floor, checking for missing tiles. The job seemed endless. What if … he climbed the stairs and looked down on the mosaic floor instead of crawling over it? Would the missing tiles be easier to spot? We’ll come back to Mosaic Man and his dream later,

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The right question

Are you looking to your dreams for answers to important questions? Do you go to bed hoping for a dream that will explain all and show you the best way forward? Are you looking for solutions to personal issues, guidance on career, or a bankable genius eureka to boost your fortune? The dreaming mind offers

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Episode 83 The Dream Show: Chased by a lion

‘There must be 50 ways to leave a lover,’ according to Paul Simon’s lyrics, but how many ways are there to escape a hungry lion hot on your tail? In this episode we look at how to find creative solutions to waking life problems by applying a simple, fun technique to any dream. Paul Simon’s

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Dream Alchemy – secret spells

I’m about to give you some magical formulae you can use to transform your life. They’re simple, yet powerful. They’re serious, and they work, but for a bit of fun I’ve arranged them as magic spells from an imaginary book of alchemical secrets. Before we delve in, though, let’s look at the theory so you

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On solid ground

(Note: I wrote this article ten years ago, during a period of change, before I had found the name ‘dream alchemy’ to describe the approach I was evolving. Yet here it is, and there I am, doing the magic that created the firm foundation upon which the last ten years have been built.) *** In

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Hole in the road

Out driving recently, we slowed down to pass road works. Orange witches’ hats marked off a hole in the centre of the road. Intrepid road workers were jack-hammering their way, waist deep in rubble, ear deep in mind numbing noise. “You know,” Michael began, “whenever we passed road works when we were children, Dad would

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