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88 Dreams Interpreted, Jane Teresa Anderson

Join me as I interpret 88 unique dreams collected from people around the world so you can see how it’s done. I’ve also created a Dream Alchemy Practice for each of the 88 dreams.

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You’ll witness my approaches and techniques as you read my dream interpretations, and see how you can use these methods to explore and interpret your own dreams, and design your own Dream Alchemy Practices.

While these are not your dreams, you will probably recognise some of the themes, and resonate with some of the symbols and issues. And for the rest, there’s always insight to be gained by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and walking through their dreams.

These 88 dreams have been selected from my website dream forum, which ran from 1998 to 2003, so it is with deep appreciation that I thank everyone who posted dreams and participated in the public community discussions during those years.



Dream: Theatre rat

I was in a theatre with my husband who died nine years ago. While I was sitting and the lights were on a big grey rat crawled from under the stage and jumped on me. It was lying on my shoulder against my face. I felt dreadful and begged someone to take it off but to no avail. Fortunately I woke up but I still feel dreadful thinking about it.


Let’s focus first on your shoulder and face, the parts of your body highlighted in your dream.

Remember that dreams often work with word play. We ‘shoulder’ responsibility, or ‘carry the weight of the world on our shoulders’. We also ‘give the cold shoulder’ when we want to turn our back on any responsibility for a person or situation. Shoulders in dreams are often about responsibility.

So it’s interesting that you begged someone to take the rat off your shoulder, but no-one would. In other words, the dream suggests that something big has landed on your shoulder and it’s up to you (and no-one else) to take responsibility for it.

The rat was lying against your face. The word play here is perhaps ‘face it’. It’s your responsibility so face it.

Now what could it be? There are several clues in your dream and one or more of these will make sense to you:

Your husband was in the dream. What responsibilities have fallen on you, or what responsibilities have you not wanted to face, as a result of his passing?
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The word ‘rat’ and ‘lying’ are close together in your dream. Could your dream be playing on ‘lying rat’, for example? Lying is also ‘ratting’ on someone. Has someone lied to you, or have you lived a lie in some way? Or do you feel that someone has done the dirty on you and left you to face the consequences?

We often lie to ourselves (unconsciously) as a way to avoid an issue. For example, if you have suffered a financial difficulty in the years since your husband died, you might have tried to live up to your previous expectations, to live a lie.

Although the financial situation was just an example, notice that you were in the theatre in your dream. Have you been living a lie in some way, performing or putting on a public face (theatre), an act you can no longer keep up?

In the dream you said you “begged” someone to take the rat off your shoulders. Begging has a financial connotation too.

It’s significant that you mention that the theatre lights were on. When the lights are on we can see what is otherwise in the dark. Your dream may have come at a time where you had been keeping yourself in the dark (lying to yourself) and were finally preparing to ‘face’ the light, no matter how fearful and dreadful.

(A dream alchemy practice is given for each of the 50 dreams interpreted in this ebook.)

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Jane Teresa Anderson

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