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Episode 128 The Dream Show: When redundancy threatens and nightmares begin

Around 20,000 public servants with permanent or long term contracts in Brisbane are expected to lose their jobs over the coming weeks. Some already know their fate, while others turn up to work each day not knowing whether their job will be axed or retained. What kind of dreams are they experiencing as they go

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Asking God about thunder

Emma dreamed that she could ask God one question about the world. She considered, deeply, and then decided. “Where does thunder come from?” By this time in her dream, God had become a more earthly Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. He indicated the sky, teeming with rhinos. What have rhinos got to do with cause of

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How to use recurring dreams to resolve practical life issues

What kind of practical results can you expect to see in your life when you understand a dream and apply dream alchemy? Last month I was a guest on Ruby and Dave’s breakfast show on Radio 94.9, chatting about dreams and taking calls from listeners. One of the callers, Ian, asked about a recurring dream

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