Monthly Archives: March 2012

Messages from the other side?

When someone who has died appears to you in a dream, are they communicating with you from spirit, or are these dreams symbolic? Dreaming of a loved one after death can be the most precious, comforting, uplifting experience, especially when the dream is full of love, embraces, and tender messages, and when the person looks

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Do blind people see in their dreams?

“I’m quadriplegic,” said the caller to a dream segment I was hosting on radio many years ago, “but in my dreams I can run and dance, and I’m devastated when I wake up and remember that I can’t.” Before his accident, he had enjoyed running and dancing, and he could draw on his sensual and

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Episode 123 The Dream Show: Solar eclipse

Ann is my guest with a vivid dream where she returns to her childhood neighbourhood and witnesses a miraculous solar eclipse. In the dream, she and John, a friend from her church, follow the solar eclipse with a discussion about yoga, maths, english, and an abstract drawing in a notepad. All this during a short

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