Monthly Archives: February 2012

Is this your life?

How often has your alarm clock saved you from a worrying dream you thought was real? What a relief to wake into your everyday life, where all the quandaries and confusions of the dream evaporate and leave you free to get on with your day! You may have spent all night trying to catch that

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Things that go bump in the night

Ever woken to eerie sounds in the night, or a feeling of your skin being touched when you’re sleeping alone, or been scared out of your wits when you’ve opened your eyes to see ghosts or strange things going on in your bedroom? As utterly convincing and frightening as these sensations are, it’s important to

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Episode 122 The Dream Show: The beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you see is what you get, depending on how you see it. As your eye changes – as your experiences change – so does what you get. Have you noticed how a favourite story from childhood is different when you reread it as an adult? Or

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The open door

Twenty-one years ago, I dreamed I was trying to get into a building by pushing through one of its solid brick walls. It was hard work that got me nowhere at all. All it did was exhaust me. I stood back, walked around the house, and discovered an open door. I realised that the door

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