Monthly Archives: December 2011

2012 Wake up call

What’s your recurring dream? If you’ve been following my blog, listening to my podcasts, and reading my books, and you’re still experiencing a recurring dream, today’s post is your wake up call. It’s time to put what you’ve been learning into action if you want to enjoy life changing results in 2012! Let’s review the

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Episode 120 The Dream Show: Always the passenger

Gwynne is my guest with a dream about finding a camera with a shocking picture on the viewfinder. There’s a theme of lost and found, and another of being driven around – always the passenger, never the driver – and sitting so far back in the vehicle that she even falls out of the car.

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The Princess and the Pea

What’s the moral of the story of The Princess and the Pea? I’ve been putting people on the spot with this question, and I’ve received so many different replies. Before reading on, if you remember the story, give yourself a few moments and jot down the moral that you’ve always taken from this tale. Need

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