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Episode 116 The Dream Show: Haunted house

Our August show features Emily, from Northern California, with a dream about moving into a new but dusty house. While cleaning, she discovers a dark hallway with a poker table and some lumberjacks from the 1850s. “How exciting, a haunted house!” she tells her husband, in the dream. There’s an animal and some clue-bearing numbers

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Spot the belief

Had a tough day? Ready for a spot of light relief, a bit of fun, a dream interpretation game that’s easy to do yet powerfully insightful? You may never look at your dreams in the same way ever again. It’s called Spot the Belief. This is what to do: For each of the following dreams,

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Love your bad dreams

Here’s a simple formula to apply when you have an unsettling or frightening dream and you want to reduce the chances of having it again. Actually, it’s far more powerful than this. Not only does this formula ease your dreams, it also creates deep and lasting positive change in your waking life by subtly reprogramming

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