Monthly Archives: March 2011

Navigating changing times

“Global tidal wave of 70,000 job cuts,” announced the online news. “The tsunami of layoffs started in Europe …” Instantly I got the picture. It’s a metaphor that works. It describes a giant ripple effect of job loss caused by a seismic tremor in the global economy. It also describes the emotional impact felt or

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Episode 100 The Dream Show: Balloons & rainbows

Rose is my guest, wondering why her sister, in India, sometimes accurately dreams details of Rose’s dreams or Rose’s waking life in the US. What is happening here, and are these dreams – Rose’s and her sister’s – meaningful when interpreted? We explore and interpret two shared dreams and one of Rose’s sister’s dreams that

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Ep 74 update, Abigail: An unbelievable miracle

“I did feel a major depression lift … I feel good connections, I feel accepted.  It’s an unbelievable miracle!” – Abigail, on the outcome of having her dream interpreted in episode 74. Having a dream interpreted and taking action by doing the prescribed dream alchemy practice creates life changing results. First up are immediate results

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The science of dream interpretation

“You’re an interesting contradiction, a scientist who interprets dreams,” said Ian Kath, host of the podcast chat show Your Story – How others play the game of life. “I’d love to interview you and throw you some curly questions.” Of course I agreed, and Ian released our interview this week as episode 59, Jane Teresa.

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