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Episode 92 The Dream Show: Metaphor magic

What do dreams of flying into power lines, feeling the ground shake, going round and round in circles, and meeting an old man close to death have in common? They’re all in this episode, they’re all metaphors for waking life situations, and I use these – and other dreams – to show you how to

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The Day Brightener

One of the joys of my work as a dream alchemist is to witness and celebrate the intense, skillful creativity that often accompanies personal transformation.  It’s as if the deep change the person experiences carries a healing energy that demands a more public expression and draws on latent talents to achieve this.  Awakened meaningful purpose

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What if?

A man dreamed he was crawling over a mosaic floor, checking for missing tiles. The job seemed endless. What if … he climbed the stairs and looked down on the mosaic floor instead of crawling over it? Would the missing tiles be easier to spot? We’ll come back to Mosaic Man and his dream later,

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Times and tides

I’m blogging during our state of emergency, personally safe in a high and dry area of Brisbane, while some 40,000 properties in and around the CBD and riverside suburbs are flooding. Thousands of people are evacuating and businesses in the CBD have mostly closed for now. Beyond Brisbane, lives as well as homes have been

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