Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hot coffee, warm heart?

Can you distinguish a dream from reality? Test yourself on this one: John is reading resumes, deciding which candidate to employ for a position. He takes one resume, a sheath of pages attached to a heavy clipboard. “Serious,” he concludes. He takes a second resume, the same number of pages but this time attached to

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Time to dream?

Are you too busy to explore your dreams? In a leading article on dreams in today’s Brisbane Times, Katherine Feeney writes about “the importance of dreaming in a culture Anderson said was already over-worked, over-tired and disconnected from ‘potential of their dreams’.” Katherine interviewed me last week, and reports all in today’s article. “[Anderson said]

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Episode 83 The Dream Show: Chased by a lion

‘There must be 50 ways to leave a lover,’ according to Paul Simon’s lyrics, but how many ways are there to escape a hungry lion hot on your tail? In this episode we look at how to find creative solutions to waking life problems by applying a simple, fun technique to any dream. Paul Simon’s

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Success is flowing: update from Renee, episode 67

Renee, my podcast guest in episode 67,  asked me to share her news since having her dream interpreted on the show: “I want to give you an update on how things have been since you interpreted two of my dreams. I recently published a book called Perfect Feedback (Receiving the Answers From Within)! Yay! After you

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