Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dream touchstones

When is a piece of jewellery not a piece of jewellery? (That’s jewelry for those of you who smile at our English-Australian spelling.) Remember Heidi, my guest on episode 68 of The Dream Show? Heidi is a celebrity TV presenter of a cooking show in Shanghai, and also runs Sanctus Stones, a wearable energy business,

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Episode 71 The Dream Show: Glimmers of gold

What’s the link between Inception, the movie, and Dream Alchemy? Inception is about entering into a person’s dream and changing the storyline to create a changed waking life outcome, while Dream Alchemy is about changing the storyline of your own dream, once you’ve woken up, to create a changed waking life outcome. In Inception, the

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Dream interpretation: Landscapes

How many different landscapes have you encountered in your dreams? Have you visited mountains, forests, deserts, foreign cities, unknown suburbs, rolling hills and valleys, lush countryside, steep rock cliffs, or barren wastelands? What do these dream settings mean? The landscape in your dream helps describe the situation you find yourself in, the one your dream

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Bad dreams & dementia?

Recent research has got people all excited about a possible link between people who thrash about in bed while they’re dreaming and the later development of dementia, in particular, Parkinson’s Disease.  Here’s a video clip of me talking about this on The Morning Show, Channel 7, this morning. So let’s have a look at this:

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