Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dream interpretation results: Jeremy’s news, episode 50

Here’s an update from Jeremy, my guest in podcast episode 50, The Dream Show. You may remember Jeremy dreamed of being a passenger in a cadillac, feeling unsure about where he was being driven, and there was a question of whether he should take the two painful beauty injections on offer, a long shot and

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Hole in the road

Out driving recently, we slowed down to pass road works. Orange witches’ hats marked off a hole in the centre of the road. Intrepid road workers were jack-hammering their way, waist deep in rubble, ear deep in mind numbing noise. “You know,” Michael began, “whenever we passed road works when we were children, Dad would

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Dream vibrations and the LOA

I am often asked about the Law of Attraction, and whether nightmares and dreams with negative vibes attract negative people and events into our lives. It’s a good question. So, let’s explore: Books about the Law of Attraction have enjoyed waves of popularity since the early 1900s, with a recent resurgence in the early 1990s

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