101 Dream Interpretation Tips

101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson

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Everything you need to know to interpret your dreams accurately and meaningfully

Jane Teresa Anderson’s 101 dream interpretation tips, tools, and techniques, are entertaining, easy to follow, and information-rich.
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Discover how to interpret your dreams

  • Understand your uniquely personal dream symbols
  • Decipher your recurring dreams and nightmares
  • Uncover the commonsense meaning behind your bizarre dreams
  • Discover the twilight zone: telepathic and precognitive dreams
  • Accurately connect your dreams to your waking life situation


Then learn when and how to act on your dreams to improve your life

  • Uncover practical solutions to everyday challenges and issues
  • Stop those distressing dreams and nightmares
  • Programme your sleep to answer waking-life questions
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others
  • Discover meaning, purpose and direction in your life
  • Explore and deepen your spiritual awareness and path
  • Manifest desired changes in your life by practising dream alchemy

Beautifully illustrated, each of the 101 dream interpretation tips flows across a double page spread – the perfect gift.
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The 101 dream interpretation tips

I have condensed the essence of my dream interpretation and dream alchemy techniques into these 101 tips for you to follow. Each tip may look simple on the surface, yet each is multilayered. The more you learn about dream interpretation, the deeper you will see into each tip. At first, you will see simple tips, and for beginners this is perfect. You will learn fast and be astounded at what you learn about yourself and your life along the way. As you become more advanced in your dream interpretation skills and revisit the same tips over the years, you’ll discover gems between the lines and you’ll smile, and add another ‘Aha’ to your wisdom.

You’ll find tips on how to remember your dreams, why dream symbols are weird and how to understand them, the common dream themes we all share from time to time, why dreams can recur, how to understand recurring dreams and nightmares, why you can feel such powerful emotions in dreams and how these relate to your life, how to interpret the settings or landscapes of your dreams, the question of whether dreams can predict the future or help with the future, what it means when you dream about the past and how to understand dreams of the past, and tips on whether dreams give guidance and how to draw insight and make decisions based on your dreams. Enjoy.

Jane Teresa Anderson

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