Episode 147 The Dream Show: Pursued by love

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Episode 147 The Dream Show Pursued by love

Renee is my guest having her dream interpreted on The Dream Show.  What do you do when a rich foreigner opens his heart, shines his love, and literally offers you the world? In Renee’s dream, you run!

“She’s too stupid to see he’s trying to help her,” shout some people in a bowling alley as she runs through, pursued by the foreigner’s men and a newspaper arrow that seems to have a life of its own.

“Leave!” Renee yelled, as they chased her through a bar. She could feel the presence of her parents backing her.

Finally she arrived in a place that felt like an Italian town, beautiful and intricate, with a theatre at the centre. Did she keep running? Did the foreigner catch up with her? Did she find love? More importantly, what does Renee’s dream mean?

Listen as Renee discovers the meaning of her dream and how it relates to her life. Listen as she experiences new insights into her mindset that help her to understand her current situation. Listen as I offer practical suggestions for Renee based on her dream, and then as I take her through a dream alchemy visualisation so that her unconscious mind supports her conscious intention.

The Dream Show with Jane Teresa AndersonAs with every episode featuring a guest, you’ll add to your repertoire of dream interpretation and alchemy techniques as you listen to the way I work with Renee as we explore her dream.

The Dream Show is a free resource designed to help people worldwide acquire the basic skills they need to gain deep self-understanding and healing through understanding their dreams. Please share.

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2 Responses to Episode 147 The Dream Show: Pursued by love

  1. Richard says:

    Jane, “Something old, Something new” found this to be a very interesting read. And I think spot on. I’ve yet to write down the what and why. I think I know the reason for that.

  2. Domonique says:

    Hi Rene, I enjoyed listening to your dream. It was very interesting and I could appreciate your humor in sharing. Thank you, I plan to listen to this again.