Episode 141 The Psychic and Chancellor Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel appears in Susan's dream

My guest, Susan, brings her richly entertaining dream to the show for interpretation and insight. The action all takes place on campus at an ivy-covered science building, where a psychic is on stage, sharing knowing glances with Susan. There’s breaking news, drums beating out a protest, and pandemonium when Susan is accused of being an interloper. It’s just as well that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, wearing an emerald green gown, is there to hi-five Susan and save the day with an impromptu fun street party.

So what does it mean, how does it relate to Susan’s life, and what can she gain from understanding her dream?

The Dream Show with Jane Teresa AndersonAs with all episodes featuring a guest, I hear the dream for the first time during the recording. I know nothing about the dream beforehand, not even the theme. We do this so that you can experience the whole process from the telling of the dream, through the questions, the piecing together of the interpretation, and the insights as they arise. You have the privilege of listening into an intimate conversation about a dream and what it reflects about the dreamer’s life, while absorbing dream interpretation and analysis techniques that you can apply in your life or professional practice.

Oh, and we do like to add lightness of heart and a touch of humour where we can, and, luckily, most dreams make that easy to achieve. Enjoy, and please share.


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2 Responses to Episode 141 The Psychic and Chancellor Angela Merkel

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this show Jane Teresa. Thanks for doing these podcasts, they are always so interesting. I love to hear other people’s dreams and your interpretations.

  2. Jane Teresa Anderson says:

    Thank you Belinda

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