Practical one-on-one training in understanding and working with dreams

By phone worldwide, or in Paddington, Brisbane. 

Young Woman with Her Hand on Her Belly and Man Beside Her WritingProfessional Training
For clinical therapists, psychologists, counsellors

Practical training in applying my methods of dream analysis, dream therapy, and dream alchemy in clinical practice … More



dream_interpretation_course_Dreams_Jane_teresa_andersonDream Interpretation Course
Understand your own dreams or build the skills to be in business as a dream consultant or dream interpreter.

Practical training in how to use my methods to interpret dreams. … More



a_more_person_quest_Dreams_Jane_teresa_anderson A more personal quest

Explore Your Dreams is a relaxing, gentle, healing, uplifting experience which is all about you, your dreams, and your life.

A more personal quest into learning how to explore and understand your dreams. … More