ABC QLD Recurring death dream

Dream interpretation on Radio ABC QLD today

Dream interpretation on Radio ABC QLD today


“Three nights in a row this week I dreamed I died in a car accident, and I was frantically trying to contact my husband to discuss the funeral arrangements,” said Gail, one of the callers to my dream interpretation segment on Stacey Katter’s afternoon show today on Radio ABC QLD.

What does it mean?

“It’s symbolic,” I assured Gail, “so you’re perfectly safe to drive your car.”

Dreams of death often come up when something feels like it’s ending, whether it’s a good ending (finishing a course) or not such a good ending (losing a business). More subtly, death dreams come up when we experience inner change, when old habits, attitudes and beliefs have to die so new ones can take their place.

Gail saw herself die, suggesting a big change in her life, something akin to a total makeover.

Where was she going in her dream car? She died before she got there, suggesting a sudden end to her previous direction, ‘drive’, or goals.

What worried Gail most was not her death, but making arrangements for her funeral. A funeral is a time to review and celebrate a person’s life, to write a eulogy, to begin to let go, to move on.

Gail’s dream was about needing to review and celebrate whatever has suddenly ended in her life, so that she can begin to let go, to move on.

A dream always reflects the last 24-48 hours, and Gail had this dream three nights in a row, so what happened for her 4-5 days ago?

Gail got it. Her husband has been accepted for a new job – a new town, all change. Gail’s task, awakened by her dream, is to make sure she reviews and celebrates, so she can move forward in the best possible way.

What change would you like to see in your life? What would need to come to an end? An attitude? A belief? Imagine making that change. Review. What would you write in a eulogy? What would you celebrate?

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