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Episode 41 The Dream Show: Mirror, mirror, on the wall

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 41 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

Kitty, my guest today, brings a dream featuring an unusable toilet (how many times have you dreamed of a toilet you can’t use?), a vertical ladder that’s hard work to climb and impossible to exit at the top, and a feeling of increasing anger and frustration.

What does it mean, and what does Snow White (“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”) have to do with the interpretation?

If you like a good mystery, join Kitty and I as we do the detective work, following the dream clues to an enlightening conclusion.

You can listen here (Episode 41)

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Dream interpretation – A suitable toilet

The mirror and the compass

The mirror and the compass

See through another’s eyes

See through another's eyes. Photo copyright Michael Collins 1997.

See through another’s eyes. Photo copyright Michael Collins 1997.

This morning I invited people on FaceBook to pick a number between 1 and 365 to get a reading from my book The Compass. (There are 365 readings in the book.)

Melanie picked number 309, ‘See through another’s eyes’. Here’s the full reading:





The view changes according to where you stand.



Which situation in your life seems to have reached stalemate?

Whose point of view seems unreasonable, or difficult to understand?

What exactly is the problem that needs to be solved? Imagine a dying man suggesting his solution to this problem. What might he say? Imagine his nurse’s solution. What would it be? What might be the point of view of: a homeless person, an abused woman, Buddha, a bank manager, a film director, your best friend, a big lotto winner, an environmentalist, a murderer, a drug addict, a physicist, a refugee?



You have already imagined the solutions and advice of the fourteen people mentioned in Clarity above (the dying man, his nurse, the homeless person and so on). If not, do it now. Next, for each character write one word or think of one symbol that summarises their point of view. For example, the dying man might have suggested you leave your day job and focus on getting more music gigs, so write ‘gigs’ or find a picture of your musical instrument to use as the symbol. The homeless man might have suggested saving to buy a house, so write ‘buy house’ or find a mortgage institution logo as the symbol. Arrange your fourteen words, symbols, or combinations of both, on a large sheet of paper in whichever pattern feels good to you. See if an overview, or new solution, emerges as you do this practice.

From The Compass – your guide to your best future, (eBook and paperback) copyright Jane Teresa Anderson

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How much does worry weigh?





Lottery win

If you won lottery in a dream, would you buy a ticket?

If you won the lotto (lottery) in a dream, would you go and buy a lotto ticket? Some big winners live to tell that tale, but here’s a different story to warm your heart and remind you of the real power of numbers in dreams.

Alison phoned me on a recent radio show to ask me about her dream of winning the lotto. As she has already shared her dream publicly with the show’s listeners, I can share it with you here. The only detail I’ve changed is her name.

Alison’s dream was short and simple. Although she had the dream 11 years ago, she had never forgotten it. It intrigued and confused her.

In the dream, she won $275,000 on the lotto. That was it. End of dream. But it was so clear, and felt so real, that she jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to check her lotto ticket. The game would have been drawn before she went to bed, so she was very excited and felt there was a real chance her dream was picking up on her win.

So she was disappointed to discover that she hadn’t won. She wasn’t even close. Her numbers were about as far away from winning as you can get.

Why, she asked me on the radio show, did her dream feel so real, yet turn out to be so wrong? What did it really mean, and why a precise figure, $275,000?

Alison's dream win was exactly $275,000. Why?

Alison’s dream win was exactly $275,000. Why?

Being such a short dream, there were few symbols to work with. Long detailed dreams are rich with clues that enable accurate interpretation. Alison’s dream gave two symbols, a lotto win, and $275,000.

‘At the time of your dream, 11 years ago,’ I began, ‘what gave you the feeling of a sudden win?’

I reminded Alison not to think about money, but to think about a feeling of winning, perhaps against the odds.

‘I had just met a new man, and he was really kind,’ she said. ‘Could that be it?’

I said that if she felt like she was onto a winner with this man, then this could be a strong clue in interpreting her dream.

‘To have a feeling of suddenly winning, you must have experienced a period of not winning, of losing,’ I suggested. ‘What had you lost?’

Alison’s instant thought was her divorce, which had been very traumatic for her, a time of much loss. At the time of her dream, she was beginning to move on from a sense of loss to a sense of gain – a sense of winning. It wasn’t just about ‘winning’ a potential new partner in the shape of the man she had just met. It was more about facing her losses square on, moving through the grief and trauma, and emerging with new winning insights about relationships and life.

At the time of her dream, she was beginning to get the very real feeling that life was on the up, and that she was past counting her losses and into counting her gains.

But why $275,000?

When a number comes up in a dream, it’s pretty accurate.

When a number comes up in a dream, it’s pretty accurate.

‘When a number comes up in a dream,’ I explained, ‘it’s usually pretty accurate in a mind-blowing way, though it can take a while to pinpoint it. When you make the connection, you’ll absolutely know it’s right. But drop the zeroes, and maybe add some decimal points. Dreams go for drama and emphasis!’

We were looking for a connection, in Alison’s past, between 275 and a sudden feeling of winning, a connection her dreaming brain or unconscious mind had made, but of which her conscious mind was as yet unaware.

I offered a list of possibilities: have you ever lived at a house number 275; travelled regularly by a bus or train numbered 275; had 275 as an ID anywhere?

What happened for you on 27th May (27/5) one year, or in February 1975 (2/75)?

‘Nothing comes to me. I’d have to think about it,’ Alison said.

‘What happened when you were 27.5 years old?’ I asked.

‘Nothing really. The kids were small.’

‘And 27.5 years ago?’

Again a blank, and not surprisingly considering Alison was aware she was speaking on radio, trying to answer my quick fire questions immediately.

‘Have a think about it over the next couple of weeks,’ I suggested, ‘and give the station a call when you get it, because it is meaningful and all the listeners would love to know.’

I deeply appreciate people who take the time to call the radio with a dream, because their generosity of sharing helps other listeners to understand their own dreams, so it’s always good when a caller gets back with an insight to add. I knew the 275,000 dollar-penny would drop soon for Alison.

It dropped as soon as she put the phone down. We went to a short ad break, and she phoned the radio show back during that time.

‘My marriage lasted exactly 27.5 years!’ she said.

The bottom line of Alison’s dream was that she had finally converted her 27.5 loss into a win. She had come through the trauma with a new sense of being on the winning side of life again. Who knows, maybe she even had the sense that she’d increased her gains by a factor of 10,000, converting 27.5 years of loss into 275,000 years worth of gain, all claimable NOW with her winning ticket to her new lease of life!

What’s winning the lotto compared to turning your life around?

If Alison had understood her dream at the time, 11 years ago, it would have helped to put the past trauma in perspective and to acknowledge and appreciate what her unconscious mind already felt – a sense of reward ahead, the sunshine after the rain.

Whenever a dream presents a number, or an age, it’s a very strong clue to interpretation and enlightenment. Work on it, following the guidelines I’ve given in this article. You always get results. And isn’t it staggering that our dreams, which are usually so bizarre, surreal and illogical, always seem to get the numbers spot on?

There’s gold in your dreams, and winning numbers too. Just don’t waste them by putting them on the lotto. Work with them for rewards greater than lottery winnings can ever buy.

[Copyright Jane Teresa Anderson, December 2008. First published as a Dream Sight article.]

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How things change

Episode 40 The Dream Show: A good gossip

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 40 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

Eve is my guest this week as we unpack her dream involving DJ Olive, a good old gossip in a restroom, a game of Nintendo, an ex-boss, and a pink bejewelled evening gown.

Now what could that possibly be about?

Listen as Eve realises the dream uncovers a significant event in childhood that has been affecting her choices and decisions. No longer, of course!

Eve had this dream the night before the podcast, at a time when she has an important decision to make. The insight she gained from this dream interpretation gave her clarity, as you will hear.

You can listen here (Episode 40)

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Extracting wisdom

Spot the belief

Spot the belief

Be true to yourself

"The world cannot benefit from your talents unless you unfold your wings" - Jane Teresa Anderson, Dream Alchemy.  Photo copyright Michael Collins 1997

“The world cannot benefit from your talents unless you unfold your wings” – Jane Teresa Anderson

Last week I invited people on FaceBook to pick a number between 1 and 365 to get a reading from my book The Compass. (There are 365 readings in the book.)

Belinda picked number 86, ‘Be true to yourself’. Here’s the full reading:




How else can you be true to others?



What do you forgo to please others?

When do you find yourself play-acting instead of being yourself?

In these circumstances, what would the real you like to do or say? How does the real you feel? What goals remain unfulfilled because you are too busy trying to be what other people want you to be? How well do these people know you? How might your relationship change if you stopped play-acting? Who might you attract into your life if you let the real you show?



Imagine a circus animal in performance, for example, a seal balancing a ball on its snout, a lion jumping through a hoop of fire, or an elephant juggling sticks with its trunk. Find one that resonates with how you feel when you are performing to fulfil someone else’s expectations. For example, the circus lion might suit if you feel you compromise your strength, the seal might suit if you feel your performance is a balancing act, and the elephant might suit if you feel you juggle the expectations of several people. Visualise giving your circus animal freedom to leave the circus and live in its natural environment happily and successfully true to its nature. Repeat many times a day for a month. You will begin to see how to be true to yourself.

From The Compass – your guide to your best future, copyright Jane Teresa Anderson

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The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea


Radio ABC Victoria: Joy flight

A dream joy flight

A dream joy flight

“I dream of flying a single propeller plane,” said David, who called me this afternoon on Kathy Bedford’s Statewide Drive show on Radio ABC Victoria. “I take off and although I don’t know how to drive it, I land it safely.”

David feels ecstatic in his recurring dream.

I’m sure David said ‘drive’ not ‘fly’, and if my ears served me well, this is a clue to interpretation, as you will see.

David summarised his dream in a few short sentences, yet he took time to detail the type of plane: a single propeller plane. He was also the single pilot.

The dream plane is a one man plane, and suggests David is beginning to gain confidence in ‘flying solo’ in some area of his life. He may run his own business, or be considering it. He may be newly single, or he may be branching out on his own in some other way.

The beauty of David’s dream is that he doesn’t let not knowing how to ‘drive’ the plane hold him back. And even though he doesn’t know how to drive it, it turns out that he can not only pilot it but enjoy the process and land it safely too. What a buzz!

Because this is a recurring dream, David is probably still exploring his confidence to ‘take off’ and follow his intuition, and the dream probably comes up when he surprises himself with his progress. David could relate to this.

Your unconscious mind expresses itself in your dreams, and when you describe a dream your unconscious mind sometimes gets a look in too. David’s unconscious mind told me that his dream was also about ‘drive’ or motivation.

He may be finding it difficult to drive or motivate himself some days, but his dream shows that taking the first step is all it takes – the rest just happens naturally.

Or he feels he doesn’t know enough about driving his business – marketing, financing, getting customers – and again the dream shows that there is a part of David that intuitively knows what to do.

This is an uplifting dream with a positive, grounded result. To reinforce his confidence in ‘flying solo’ David could do a visualisation while he’s awake (a dream alchemy practice), in which he relives his dream and the sensations of confidence, joy and success. The more he repeats this, the more he will find, in his waking life, that he somehow just automatically knows what to do.

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Episode 92 The Dream Show Metaphor magic

Metaphor magic



Episode 39 The Dream Show: Gin with the tonic

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 39 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

Kate is my guest on today’s show. Kate dreamed of being on a plane, well, actually she was in a drawing of a plane wondering whether to sip the free gin and tonic that manifested, cartoon-like, before her eyes.

It’s a fun dream that uncovers a block that has been limiting an aspect of Kate’s life.

It’s a fun chat too, so listen in for some entertaining insights that will enrich your understanding of both dreams and life.

And if you’ve had dreams of sitting school tests, or dreams of a deceased parent, there’s extra insight for you at the end, when Kate asks about these recurring dream themes.

You can listen here (Episode 39)

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Opportunity can you see it

Opportunity: Can you see it?

Dream daze

Why do some dreams linger longer than others?

Why do some dreams linger longer than others?

What should you do when you can’t seem to shake off a dream, when it haunts, dazes, or distracts you from your daily tasks? Is it a good thing to linger with the theme that tugs at the edges of your heart or mind, or are there dangers in reliving and replaying the dream over and over again?

Why do some dreams linger longer than others? There are dreams that fade faster than you can commit them to memory. There are dreams you remember in the middle of the night, only to forget as you doze back to sleep. There are dreams you can recall, if need be, for a morning, perhaps even for a day before they slip away. And there are those doozies that permanently etch themselves forever in your memory, totally unforgettable for a lifetime. A typical lifetime doozie is either a childhood recurring dream or a dream that was so inspirational or hilarious that you told the story over and over, cementing it into your long term memory. What’s your favourite dream doozie – the one you love to tell?

Between the fades, the dozes, the dailies and the doozies are the dream dazes you can’t shake today but will forget by tomorrow, or soon after.

There are several features of a dream daze. You feel as if you’re still partly in the dream, almost in parallel to your waking life. You feel the emotions you felt in the dream in a heightened way, often in an overpowering way because they seem more important than any other emotions you ‘should’ be feeling today. You feel slightly confused about something you can’t quite put your finger on – it’s as if something that used to make sense no longer computes, but you can’t identify it. It’s a little bit like being a stranger in a world you once knew. It’s as if something has shifted, or someone’s changed the rules and hasn’t informed you.

It's as if something has shifted

It’s as if something has shifted

You’ve probably guessed, from reading the above, that a dream dazes you when it strongly resonates with an unconscious feeling, memory or belief and, in doing this, shifts that feeling, memory or belief, just a little, into the edges of your awareness. You wake up just a little conscious of a long-lost or long-denied feeling, memory or belief – not conscious enough to understand it, but conscious enough to feel haunted by something you can’t quite put your finger on.

The dream feels parallel to your waking life because it has nudged a feeling or belief that has been running parallel, in your unconscious mind, into semi-awareness. It’s nudged a bit more of yourself into awareness, so you have that somewhat dazed sense of different emotions brewing, or a long-held memory or belief being undermined and shifted, changing the way you see life. It’s like half-recognising something in the shadows.

So you wander about in a daze on the day following the dream, and sooner than you might imagine, you adjust to the slight shift and a new normal emerges. You still may not be able to put your finger on the exact feelings or beliefs that shifted, but you do notice, over days and weeks, that you – or your attitude – has changed in some way. The new normal looks slightly different from the old normal. In fact, that old normal looks a bit bewildering – you look back and wonder how you could have thought or felt or acted that way back then. That’s when you know you’ve made the shift – when the old way no longer makes as much sense as it used to.

All this happens naturally. You don’t need to understand the dream that dazes to make the shift. Effectively, your unconscious mind began the shift – as seen in your dream – and this continued over a day or so until you settled into your newly conscious view.

But is every shift a shift in the best direction?

There are times when we shift in ways that extend us, and there are times when we shift in ways that limit us. Either way, the shifting dream can daze us. The new normal can be extending or limiting – different from the old way, but not necessarily better.

This is where dream interpretation is empowering. When a dream that dazes is interpreted, you get to understand which of your unconscious feelings, memories and beliefs are shifting, and you get to understand what triggered this. You ‘get the message’ that a certain shift is happening and how this shift will most likely influence your life. Best of all, you get to decide whether this is a shift you would welcome or if you would prefer to engineer the shift to create a more desirable outcome in your life. This engineering is achieved by applying dream alchemy.

So you don’t need to wander dazedly into a ‘new normal’ not of your choosing. You can pick a new normal that will work for you.

Focus on the dream long enough to ‘get the message’

Focus on the dream long enough to ‘get the message’

Either way, take the daze as a signal that you need to take some time out, if you can, to focus on the dream long enough to ‘get the message’. Let yourself drift with your dream long enough until you recognise how it resonates with your life. If your dream is about death, for example, drift with it long enough until you can relate a similar feeling – of something coming to an end – in your waking life. Or if your dream is about discovering a long lost love, drift long enough until you can relate a similar feeling – of getting back in touch with a something wonderful you had lost – in your waking life. Or if your dream was about rescuing a distressed animal, drift long enough until you can relate a similar feeling – of how you handle distress and rescue – in your waking life. Once you’ve drifted and identified, stop replaying the dream and move on to ‘get the message’. Once you’ve ‘got the message’ move on to decide whether the shift in the dream is one you want to encourage or redirect. Then move on from there to apply your dream alchemy – either to accelerate the dream shift or to change it.

Why is it important NOT to keep replaying the dream? Every time you replay a dream you re-visualise it and further cement it. Your unconscious mind creates your dream symbols, so the more you visualise a dream, the more you endorse your unconscious mind’s view on the matter. If the dream shift is one you want to accelerate, re-visualising is good. If the dream shift is one you want to change, then you will need to visualise a changed version of the dream, one that will result in the shift you desire.

Either way, you will need to drift with the dream first so that you can identify and acknowledge the shifting unconscious feelings, memories and beliefs. You cannot change what you do not know. An enemy is best befriended, a fear best faced, a truth best acknowledged, before you can move forward. But do move forward – beware becoming trapped in the reverie, replaying the dream over and over. Take the enchanting, dazing fabric of your dream, identify its threads, then be the dream alchemist and reweave, reframe and hang your new dream picture in your mind’s eye to direct your visualisation.

[Copyright Jane Teresa Anderson, August 2008. First published as a Dream Sight article.]

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Episode 83 The Dream Show Chased by a lion

Chased by a lion




The Compass, your guide to your best future

The Compass, your guide to your best future

Here’s a reading I’ve chosen for you at random from my book The Compass.

There are 365 readings in the book. This is number 113.


113: ENJOY



Enjoyment introduces you to the moment.



What do you enjoy most in your life?

Which regular task do you not enjoy doing?

How do you feel when you are doing that task? What other thoughts are on your mind at that time? How much time do you spend thinking about the past, the future, or what else you could be doing? How many moments of your life pass you by in this way?

Every task has at least one enjoyable facet, when you know how to look. Are you ready to live in every moment, instead of wishing time away?



Think about that regular task you do not enjoy doing, for example, vacuuming the carpet, doing your accounts, or weeding the garden. First ask what is the main purpose of each task, for example, to cleanse the room of dust so that everyone can breathe easily, to maximise how much money is available, or to give flowers room to grow, bloom, and be beautiful. As you do the task, focus on the feeling that you are clearing the air, creating more money, or causing flowers to bloom. If there really is no positive purpose in doing a task, then don’t do it!

From The Compass – your guide to your best future, copyright Jane Teresa Anderson

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Radio 2UE: Rat race or mouse trap?

Stacey dreamed of rescuing mice from danger

Stacey phoned Radio 2UE last week when I was interpreting dreams on Andrew Daddo’s show. She’d been dreaming the same dream every other night for 6 months, and wondered why.

In each dream, she rescued some mice from danger, then kept forgetting to feed them. She had rescued them from one danger and now they faced another: the danger of neglect.

“Do you have mice?” Andrew asked her, meaning vermin.

“I’ve had pet mice in the past,” Stacey said. “I rescued them from someone who was feeding them to a pet snake.”

“So how do you see the personality of mice?” I asked.

“Cuddly and in need of rescue,” she replied.

“And six months ago, when you first had the dream, what was ‘cuddly and in need of rescue’  in your life?”

It turned out that six months ago Stacey had realised she needed to make a change around work. She decided to rescue herself from the dangers of a stressful job and start a new business, one that was more nurturing for her.

She launched straight into a new business, and has been having the dream every other night since.

Her dream suggests she may be in danger of exhausting herself through her new business – falling into an old trap of rescuing others perhaps – neglecting herself, forgetting the intention behind her lifestyle change. It’s one thing to make an outward change and leave the ratrace behind.  It’s another to let your unconscious programming lead you into the same old (mouse)traps.

Stacey could relate to this interpretation. It’s time for her to nurture herself as well as her business, and one way to do this may be through re-evaluating a need to rescue others. If all her energies go into her business, or into rescuing other people, she’ll become exhausted and the business will fail to thrive.

It’s all about balance and right nurturing. The moment Stacey finds a to way create work-life balance, her recurring dream will stop, and she’ll have the energy she needs to grow her business successfully. She can open the way by doing a dream alchemy practice, visualising setting those mice free to live in lush countryside where they can eat to their hearts’ content: a life of danger and neglect instantly transformed into a life of safety and abundance.

Where do you channel your energies? What are the results?

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